♥ Candy Buffets

♥ Chocolate Fountain Rental (DIY)

Candy Buffets

All our Candy Buffets come with complimentary of the following:

  • set-up and take-down
  • glassware rental
  • table rental
  • tablecloth, skirting and runner rental
  • accents rental
  • fresh floral centerpiece

♥ Candy Buffets packages

♥ Chocolate Fountain Rental (DIY) packages

Our Candy Buffet Packages

Having a chalet ? A birthday party at home ? Or perhaps celebrating an event outdoors ?

Delight your guests with our Candy Buffet spread ! The nicest Candy Buffet in Singapore !

Make your event stand-out and be different ! You can’t go wrong with Candy !

Get our Candy Buffet at your next event in only 5 simple steps !

Step 1: Confirm number of guests
Step 2: Choose from our 3 packages !
Step 3: Choose your colour theme !
Step 4: Confirm venue, date, time and duration for the Candy Buffet at your event.
Step 5: Review your choices, send us your order at our orders page, and relax! Payment via Cash-on-Delivery.


Our Packages

 Candy Buffet Silver Package
Choose from our candies listing
 8 types from the Favourites list
 2 types from the Deluxe list
 1 type from the Premium list
Total: 11 types of candies !
S$5.75/guest, 20-50guests
S$5.50/guest, 50-100 guests
S$5.25/guest, 100-150guests
Candy Buffet Gold Package
Choose from our candies listing
8 types from the Favourites list
3 types from the Deluxe list
2 type from the Premium list
Total: 13 types of candies !
S$6.50/guest, 20-50guests
S$6.25/guest, 50-100 guests
S$6.00/guest, 100-150guests
Candy Buffet Platinum Package
Choose from our candies listing
10 types from the Favourites list
4 types from the Deluxe list
2 type from the Premium list
Total: 16 types of candies !
S$7.25/guest, 20-50guests
S$7.00/guest, 50-100 guests
S$6.75/guest, 100-150guests


Our Colour Themes

  • Sensuous Maroon (recommended)
  • Delicate White
  • Rugged Black
  • Silky Pink
  • Soft White
  • Dark Violet (recommended)
Decorative Runner:
  • Netted Gold (recommended)
  • Silky Red


A sure crowd-pleaser, our candy buffet packages come with the following FREE:

  • Premium Glass containers
  • Beautiful tablecloth, skirting and decorative runner
  • Speedy Set-Up and Take-Down at your venue
  • 3 hours usage


  • Candy Buffet server for additional S$15/hr
  • Additional hour charged at S$150/hr net. (regardless of Candy Buffet package chosen)

PLUS You keep any leftover sweets!
What a Sweet Deal! :D


Custom Candy Buffets

We will endeavour to accommodate any special requests, number of guests and tailor the range to suit your tastes.

Talk to us today !
Drop us an email at admin@mycandyaffair.com.sg now ! :D


Chocolate Fountain (DIY) rentals

Hosting a small celebration for under 40pax ? Liven up the festive atmosphere with our Chocolate Fountain rentals ! Be it a chalet, an office event or a home celebration, our chocolate fountains will surely make your event more memorable.

So what do we mean by DIY (Do It Yourself) rental ? Simple! It just means that we deliver the chocolate fountain machine and the (uncut) fruit and pastry dippings to you, so that you have the freedom to set up our machine where-ever you please and have fun with the presentation of the dippings yourself ! Let your imagination run wild ! All you need is a microwave machine handy to melt the chocolate, a 3-pin socket nearby for the machine to run, and lots of love to enjoy it ! The chocolate fountain machine is yours for the next 24 hours !


Our Packages

Choc Indulgence Silver
1 16″ complete chocolate fountain
1 large packet of melting chocolate
Choose from:
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate
* 3 types of fruits
* 2 types of confectionery
Total: 5 types of Dippings!
For only: $180 (Recommended for max 30 pax)
Choc Indulgence Gold
2 16″ complete chocolate fountain
2 large packets of melting chocolate
Choose from:
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate
* 4 types of fruits
* 4 types of confectionery
Total: 8 types of Dippings !
For only: $280 (Recommended for max 60 pax)


Get our Chocolate Fountains today and let the intoxicating smell of chocolate fill your room!

All packages come with complimentary fresh floral centerpiece!